Noah's Ark Holiness Church - Nothing But the Word Ministry
God made me
Mississippi Mass Choir
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Pastor & First Lady
Noah's Ark
Bishop Marion Robinson, Jr.
Bishop Robinson, founder of Nothing But The Word Ministries, INC in 1982, has been active in ministry
several years.  He has served in various positions, including Chaplain, Evangelist, Assistant Pastor,  and Pastor.  He has worked with  various  denominations, 
including  Assembly of God, Church of God, and In Christ. He has ordained and licensed  ministers to preach the gospel and has  been instrumental in the incorpation of several ministries. Bishop Robinson has a five-fold ministry, preaches the Word of God, seeks God in fasting and prayer, believes God and acts upon the visions  and words that God speaks to him.
After becoming united with Bishop Robinson in holy matrimony in 1984, Lady Robinson became and remains a strong supporter of the ministry. In
additon to being a wife and the first lady of
Noah's Ark, she is a mother, a grandmother, and a Clinical Assistant Professor at  Arkansas  for Sciences, Department of.  She has been anointed by God to teach the Word of God, with emphasis on the principles of  the Word to everyday life. She has  a love for God and focuses on the whole man- spirit, soul and body- providing about   issues by sharing her personal experiences as well as the knowledge she has acquired over many year int he ministry and in the field.
Dr. Victoria Akins-Robinson